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ScentedGeraniums (pelargoniums) are easy to grow both indoors & outside. In areas where winters are cold they need to be protected from frost. Bring them inside for the winter.Keep the soil well drained. Plant scented geraniums in areas where you will brush them and enjoy their scent. Like walkways or at an entrance. They're great plants for containers. Filling out and spilling over edges. They're especially nice in individual pots, clustered together. One reason they are so easy to care for is they don't need frequent watering, so they're very drought tolerant. They also don't need to be fed very often.A little boost in the spring is perfect. These plants are usually pest free. If you see some bugs just a little soapy water should do the trick. Scented geraniums do best in bright light. They'll need direct sun in the winter from a windowsill if they're inside. In the garden, a few hours of direct sunlight is enough. Pinch new growth tips from time to time. This encourages denser growth and good branching. Don't be afraid to trim. Your plant will only grow back thicker.